Monday, August 9, 2010

Blowing it!

Well so much for trying to manage my blog. I pressed too many buttons and now I have to start over. I think I blew the blog up. So dear ones; here is the new address for the same blog. I hope all of you that signed up will re sign up, if that is the right terminology. Just type in your email address in the subscribe box or hit the Follow box and do what it tells you to do.

One good thing about this whole mini mess- up is, that it illustrates some of the issues I wrote about in my first blog. All my life my dad, whose words continue to live on in my head, said he knew “blowing up my blog” is the kind of thing would happen because I’m just not a very technical kind of person. The truth is he was right; but that fact doesn’t alter the balancing truth that with some help I can overcome technical problems.
So at this point my choices are; say this is just the way it is, let Doug fix it and never try that again, or I can learn what I did wrong and get some help in fixing it myself. Though my technical support helper (Doug) probably would like me to choose the former because of how much I call for help, he’s always very gracious when I choose the latter.

God, much in the same way, wants us to grow up and learn to how to be spiritual and I think he doesn’t care much if we are always failing at it. He loves to help us and He just wants us to get that help and learn.
So many Christians attempt to become more spiritual by bravely going “where no man has gone before” and then getting terribly lost. Whether it's learning to pray or finding a real church, the odds are we will experience some discouragement and failure along the way. Sometimes the failures or disappointments are God's preparation to give us more than we asked for.

Take for example the Syrophenician woman in Mark 7:26-30 for example. She was just asking the Lord to heal her daughter and what she got in return was to be insulted. Yet instead of going “Oh well that’s just how these Jews are; I should have asked at a better time, I probably blew it”; She took the insult, humbled herself, then risked embarrassment by asking again. The result was, she so impressed Christ that he changed his policy and gave her what she wanted. She also went away with the Lord being impressed by her heart because she took a step of faith. She had begun a relationship with Christ, something more than what she had asked for.

We would do well to not stop looking for what our heart tells us we need because of disappointments or discouraging people. Sometimes the Lord uses those disappointments to fulfill His desires in us. That being our attaining steadfastness( the ability to keep on going) in faith. That’s what trials are for.
So, whether its healing for a child, learning to pray effectively or finding a living, vibrant body of believers to be a part of, don’t stop asking, seeking or knocking. He will open the door of His heart….even if you blow it  and knock on the wrong door.
RCV Grandfather

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  1. Thank you so much for spilling your heart out. I really love the fact that Christ humbles us through things like "blowing it" to remember we are helpless a part from him. Love you Abba. Hope you enjoy your trip and feel full at the end.