Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Prayer and Weaknesses

Thank you and bless you for keeping us all in your prayers. It seems as though the devil really attacks me when I first arrive in Kenya. I start feeling insecure and rather helpless in the face of such need. Then I begin to second guess myself and down I go. I am sure some of it is due to exhaustion from the trip. Our Kenyan family already knows how to read my face (no matter how I try to hide whats going on behind it) so there is no hiding from them whats true. One asked me why I wasn't happy. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so transparent.

The hit was short lived though, because through your prayers, our Master rose up and rebuked the accuser of the brethren. Through the requests of His people, He spoke peace to the troubled waters in my mind and calmed the angry sea of my emotions. I have once again have entered His rest and have remembered that I can only do what he bids me to do. Its not us who water and weed the garden but God who gives the growth. Shortly after those troubled hours I saw why the adversary had attacked me and tried to "sully" my spirit.

Later on that evening we visited a small new clan. Right before we left the house, a sudden storm hit Nakuru and the streets began to flood. It rained so hard traveling there, I was worried that we would be swept off the road by the flooding. The back roads in that particular part of the slum area are so bad that most were impassable. The van died twice from water getting into the distributor cap and we had to fix it each time before we could proceed.

Now, mind you this is in the worst part of Nakuru, it's  the same area they burned a man who stole a bike last year. And it was getting dark. We had taken off our shoes and put on flip flops before we left the house, anticipating a possible walk from the van to the "apartment" the clan would meet in that night. When we arrived we were met by the two precious men (Lawrence and Kennedy)  that I mentioned in my last Stonehouse blog. (See Stone House Revelations)

Remember; the pictures you are looking at are illuminated by our camera flash only, it was actually so dark we couldn't see each others faces.

We walked thought the mud to a small ten by ten mud apartment house. There, gathered were six or seven people awaiting our arrival. Immediately as we entered the dark and dank little room, we felt our Father's presence and pleasure. My previous mood would have excluded me from feeling that.

Amma, Joy, Amy and Noah shared their hearts and their love with all present. Immediately we loved them and were loved by them. We sang praises and shared tea and pieces of white bread. It was a real and actual "love feast". In the darkness of twilight the Light of Heaven shone in our hearts bringing more of His precious family together.

We love our Father so very much and want His people here to be built up by true faith, but only He
can make that happen. We want so much for them to see God working; not just money and words being thrown around.

We are confident once more that He is convicting and working with the people's hearts to love Him as well as everyone  around them. In the end those are the things that really matter to Him and us.

I love our God and I am glad He reveals my weaknesses, for it is only when my strength is firmly bound, that His strength is let loose.          
                                                RCV Grandfather

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  1. Thanks for keeping us all updated! Love you and will continue to pray for God to continue to help you through this entire time.