Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Here is a letter that is as deep as the ocean and written by one of God’s older and trusted servants. Be encouraged.

God has been talking to me for a while about the Life he gives us when we are His own.  It takes a while for it to sink in - at least as deep as He intends. I think I'd be satisfied with less honestly, but there are the bents (inherent tendencies) we live with from birth and He intends that we be free- and not overshadowed by anything that smells of fear or death.

 I like birds & enjoy watching them feed but always notice how they must watch while they eat- always the eye out. I wonder what they'd look like if they could just relax and not fear the predator, how much of their habits would change. I know we have an enemy too that we must always be on guard for, but sometimes I get just plain afraid or anxious, and I know that is not what He intends. Afraid of all the what ifs - about spiritual things even more than physical.  

I know He wants me in tune to Him and not relying on myself to war. I've been thinking of late about how He gave us His life when He saved us- that death would have no part and we would never be under its power again. No stench, no creeping mortality and decay- in anything. Only Life. No living under its shadow or threats, as we did in our former life.

 Until now, even saved, I have lived like that wasn't completely true.  Always suspicious of possibilities.  But He is teaching me about what He did for us - and how good He really is.  Not being naive… but believing.  It means that no matter what happens that I can expect Him to bring Life from it for me.  Not because of anything but that He is committed to the seed of His Word.  That He brought me from death to Life in all things.  

He is also talking to me about giving Him all my worship - and admiration. If I am afraid - especially when watching people or circumstances - in a way I am admiring the power of sin and the enemy. I have a Father I can turn to and who has Life… and He is to be worshipped above all else.  

All this probably doesn't make sense without knowing the practical side.  Sometimes when I watch the spiritual growth of people - or myself- I get to feeling like I did when I was a young woman and planted a garden.

 I'd dig things up occasionally to see if there really was any growth or if the seed was holding to true to its genetic nature.  Silly, I know.  But I did it.  I dug green onions up when they were only the size of a toothpick -- and yes they were there and growing and smelled like green onions, to my amazement.  But I saw the heat of the FL sun and the bugs etc and knew the possibilities of thwarted plans.

Now I watch over the things that are precious to us in Christ and feel like I'm watching a toddler cross the room with a full glass of water when the floor is cluttered with toys. Yikes!  God is talking to me about not looking at the toys on floor, or how full the glass is, or how young the toddler is.

 I do not know how He has survived all these centuries investing in humans!

 But then, that is because my mind is on the humans & their flaws and the enemy… not on Him. In comparison - which is crazy to do anyway - it is comical.   In a weird way I have begun to "admire" or be more mindful of their "stuff" and He wants me to give all of that energy towards Him.

 Be faithful with His word, and believe in His seed and plant where He says to plant - for He knows the good soil. And to let it rest and take root. He sees what is happening all around, and underground. 

I hope this encourages you as much as it did us. This was not written by a newcomer to the faith… It was written by one of our dearest and most trusted friends.  It is a precious revelation of … Faith.

Much love Dave and Cynthia


  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing this beautiful revelation of where to fix our gaze.

  2. Thankful to tee receive this early on the morning. A wonderful way of starting the day in His presence!

  3. Do either of you know who wrote it?