Friday, March 28, 2014

My Wife...

Well, Ok … I cannot hold it back any longer. I have a declaration of praise to make and I will make it here and now.
 Proverbs 31:10 asks a really valid question… ‘Who can find an excellent wife?’ Good question. I want to declare my answer… I did!

I found her because the Almighty had broken me … He opened my eyes and led me to her. He did so because He knew how desperately I needed her. How much I needed to be complete and prepared for the work He would give us to do. During those frightful days she alone dared to believe in me and through her eyes the Almighty gave me hope.

What kind of woman would put up with the kind of problems we would face when we started our life together? A dying child, no hope of a  secure financial future, friends and family members who would  misunderstand our devotion to the Lord and with little or no hope of any worldly acceptance wherever we went?

From the very onset of our life together it was clear that there would be nothing ahead but a life fraught with difficulties and hardships. Yet she said… ‘Lead me’.

I had nothing to offer her but trials and troubles. No white Knight, no palace, no American dream, little if any rest… only a cross on a hill and a God whose name is Faithful and True.

Who else would give up every material thing she possessed or ever would possess, to serve Christ and follow this broken, faulty man?

Me… not the ‘white knight’ I wanted to be, but rather me the loser I was. Me… the loser as a provider, a father, a husband and even a Christian leader. Me… full of fears and doubts… me broken and weak.

Who would dare look at a future without rose colored glasses and see what seemed to be a most difficult 
life that lie ahead and say… “I will follow you” wherever God our Father leads you.

Who would surrender any possibility of financial security, social acceptance, or even human sympathy in this life to follow the vision of a broken down man?

Who? I will declare to you who this day… my wife!  A woman who was fashioned by the Lord God Almighty… A broken woman of simple faith and possessing great love for her God… A woman who could see what others had missed… A woman’s whose worth  exceeded any amount of wealth in this world.

I would ever progress and never suffer to move forward!
So, I declare to all of you who seek an excellent wife, look for the hand of God in your life to break you … pray to be broken and for Him to open your spiritual eyes. You may have lived with your wife for many years and yet…never ever seen who she really is. She is your greatest help! She is your HELPMEET!

She is the answer to your request for help to do God’s will. She is the fulfillment of all you need. Look at her again… through the eyes of the Lord… She is … your wife!

An ever grateful servant of God… for the matchless gift of my wife Cynthia (Amma) Taylor ….
 David Noah Taylor


  1. A beautiful tribute and it may be the best thing you have ever written dear brother:)
    Makes me wish I knew her better. Peace and blessings to your family.

  2. I believe that to be so true, for I have seen it with my own eyes! Amma has proven to be just as u have said. She is an amazing women and example for all. She's the perfect example to all wives of one who gave up her worldly ambitions to follow a Godly man, and I mean follow. So, Proverbs 31:10...An excellent wife, who can find? You did Noah. Praise God!

  3. Encouraging, lovely, beautiful...praise God for His perfect timing to a perfect match making encounter! Jesus is the supreme match maker!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! She IS an excellent wife, lady, mom, friend.....and a total fulfillment of Proverbs 31!!!! She is the SUNFLOWER in the garden of life. Praise God for her, and the work she has allowed God to do in her life....and the wonderful helpmeet she's been to you, my precious brother. I believe she is the reason God has given you more land to plow there in Africa. I watched my own dad give up his hopes and dreams for mission work when his wife was "unable". He has regrets to this day! No regrets for you, Praise God! In fact, God has done abundantly more than you could have asked or thought of, true? Amma denied herself, and laid down her life over and over again...and has become one of sweetest vessels for the Lord on this earth that I know. Thank you for writing this, Abba, and sharing it with us!!

  5. I loved reading this so much! I could hear your voice as I read :) Amma has taught me so much of what it means to be a Godly wife!
    Love & miss you both! XOXOXO

  6. You're both my favorite :) I miss you tons!

    1. We would miss you too... if we knew who Anonymous was... ;-)

    2. LOL! Sorry, I thought I had commented on my wordpress account. It's me, Hosanna :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Left me speechless but yet a beautiful woman to follow in her footsteps. I am going to show this to caleb. Your truth brought tears to my eyes but filled my heart with joy. Love and miss you both..

  8. Life for both of us would have been much different (as in MUCH less) without Haviy! I completely trust her heart always- as you do. I've always loved when you "show case" our Amma.

  9. One of my favorite posts of yours! I love that amazing lady too! I wouldn't be half the woman I am today if she wasn't a part of my life! Love you both!