Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kingdom Conference 2011

What a great Conference! The 2011 Kingdom Conference was wonderful and a lot of fun. We had visitors from 4 or 5 states attending. Our beloved friends from the Atlanta church came bringing much joy and encouragement. They are all growing so much in the Lord. Ron and Mary Ann Caliri came from Rhode Island proving love always wins. It was so good to see them and make plans for the future building the body of Christ together. David and Ari flew in from California to bring us great encouragement in what our God is doing there, my sister Dona and her friend Joan came from Kentucky, others came from different parts of Tennessee and a few from Florida.

After people arrived and settled in we began Friday night with a moving message from the grandson of Nate Saint. For those of you who might not be familiar with who Nate Saint is; he is one of men who died with Jim Elliot in Ecuador back in the 1950’s witnessing to the Auca Indians. Nate was their pilot. Their sacrifice touched the whole Christian world. Their story has currently been remembered through the popular movie “The End of the Spear”.

Steve Saint is the son of Nate Saint and the one who recently invented the only flying car registered with the FAA. You can learn about it by going to this link….
Steve Saint' son Jamie Saint shared the first night of the Conference and blessed everyone, especially the young people. He spoke to them of boldly going after God and not missing the incredible Life Christ has in store for them. He spoke of his being born into a missionary family and growing up surrounded by godly people. He went on to describe his struggle to find out for himself the salvation of the Lord. He exhorted and encouraged all the youth to intentionally go after the Lord themselves. It seemed to really touch some of our teenagers who are in the midst of the same struggles. To see and hear Jamie, the third generation of “Saints”, serving God was truly inspirational.

The second day began with fellowship over coffee and homemade Gannah’s donuts.  Talk about heavenly! We are sure going to miss all of Gannahs blessings not the least of which is her donut making. For those of you who don’t know Gannah, she and her husband Asher Horst with the rest of the family are heading for Mexico to serve with missionaries Jason and Nichole Fitzpatrick. God is really starting to send many of us out into the fields to co-labor with Him.

I’m not sure what the ladies were talking about but they sure were laughing and talking a lot. Some told me later they could have continued for another hour. 

Later that evening Steven from Memphis told of what God was doing there, Britt Moony spoke an inspiring word we all needed to hear and the young people had a discussion group that all enjoyed.  There was plenty more happening …special songs, a kids circus with skits, a youth band, a great Kaley (an Irish folk dance) good eats, and wonderful fellowship all over the Village.
Sunday we all gathered to worship the One who had blessed us with His heart and presence. People were touched, lives changed and all felt the blessings of being one family together in God. 

After expressing our gratitude for the fullness in our hearts through song, many came forward to share. It was very, very good. 

I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Church in Rose Creek Village for all who worked so hard seeing to it that everyone was  well taken care of. From all the young men who worked so hard getting the tents up, the grounds taken care of, to all the adults who brought it together with the many meetings and discussions ….thank you.

Thank you Doug, Eric, Shalom, Eileen, Mala, all the food people and a host of others. May the Head of our many membered family bless you in accordance with all you have done.

Well that will have to hold me and Amma till we return from Kenya about the middle of September when we will look forward to seeing everyone again at the 2011 Ingathering!

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  1. Amen. Thanks to God and to people like Doug, Eric, Shalom, and the others who are always working like that.

    The people were awesome this year, as every year, and I know that after hearing you talk, I walked away and got hold of a couple friends I need to make sure not let go of. Thanks for the ongoing encouragement, and here's to living life not just in the Lord but on purpose!