Friday, March 11, 2011

A Letter to George

Greetings to two of my most favorite people in the world!!!  The Captain of Captains and his beautiful wife;
How are you doing and how is our wonderful little Michelle Haviylah? I hope the Lord of Host is giving you His peace and joy in all that you do. 
One thing I know for sure is how much our Father dearly loves you. We too miss and love our family in Nakuru and wish it was already June. I know it's going to be a powerful and profitable time.

We are all doing well here and growing in the things of the Lord. Our May conference is coming soon and everyone is trying to get ready. 

The title of the May Conference is ...."Where is God and What is He doing? We are going to do some exploring on how to know God's will. We will be discussing the need to love God and His people in order to understand what He wants us to do. God gave His only son for the world, but He gave His holy Spirit for the edification of His church. Only if you understand how much God loves His people will you be able to conceive of what He expects of us in this age.

How many of God's precious children have never known about His great love for His family here in the earth having never experienced it? Week in and week out they go to their meetings hearing sermons and teachings without ever feeling the love of their Father. Most think that they are doing God's will just  listening to sermons and teachings without ever experiencing His awesome family's love.
Even those who do so never comprehend that our love and taking care of each other is the fastest way to receive the healing for our own spiritual wounds. We too have denied the Lord through such sins as gossip, listening to bad things against the Lord's children or our passivity toward discipling the nations. We have denied Him through our deeds. (Titus 1:16)

We need healing and forgiveness or our fellowship with the Lord will slowly diminish. The shame we feel (or should feel) will keep us apart from the Lord. Yet our Father has provided a way for us to be restored.

When Peter denied the Lord 3 times it left a terrible wound in his soul. He could barely look the Lord in the eye. When the Lord asked Peter 3 times if he loved Him it would have grieved Peter to the bone. Peter must have thought ....why does He keep asking me? Doesn’t He believe me? 

Yet each time Peter replied it was followed by the Lord saying....Take care of my people! What was the Lord trying to say to Peter? The answer to the Lord's question is not in our saying we love comes by loving Him through our love being expressed to His children.

The Lord was giving Peter the answer how he could be healed from the shame of his offense against the Lord. Feed my sheep.... Tend my lambs....Take care of my people! Then you will know that you really do love me and your wounds will be healed. May we all seek that healing…and may we all seek it that way.

Well this letter to both of you might turn into my next blog.  Please continue to pray for the conference. I love you so much and cannot wait to be with you.
 Much love and anticipation ….Your General

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