Thursday, June 27, 2013

Children in America

If we had to do it all over again, knowing what we know now, we might have raised our children here in Kenya instead of America. Yes, we know, things are bad everywhere, that’s true, but sometimes I don't know how American children morally survive their culture.

For all the 'advantages' America offers children in terms of technology and education, the overwhelming disadvantages to parents trying to raise their children in the Faith far outweigh the advantages.

We honestly do believe that there is a special program from hell directed toward American children. Perhaps it’s because they will inherit the most advanced and powerful nation in the world, perhaps because America leads the youth culture of the world, or perhaps because the present ruler of this world knows his days are numbered. We don’t know. But what we do know is that this program from hell is spreading all over the earth, including Kenya. Our only advantage here is that we are 30 to 40 years behind the immoral bombardment that is presently going on in America.

How can children escape the rebellious and immoral diseases spewed out by the mentors of the social media? If you keep your kids from the internet you are labeled; cruel, socially backward, living with outdated values and even out of step with reality. But whose reality is this? The Lords? Decidedly Not!

If we truly care about our children we mustn’t live any longer in what is referred to as 'normal American lives’. Normality has morphed into immorality and rebellion over the past 25 years. It is now ‘normal’ to view what was considered pornography just 30 years ago.

What is currently called the sexual revolution that took place 40 years ago is an accurate description of what actually happened. A revolution is perpetrated to overthrow one system of ruling and establish another. American culture went from nominally obeying one ruler (God) to wholeheartedly obeying another (Satan). To escape pornography and sex inundation in America you almost would have to live in a cave ...or do what we tried to do 25 years ago and completely leave society. Yet even for us that only worked for a short while. The reasons why it only worked out for a while are still being debated.

This is not a pitch to pull up stakes and move to Kenya or return to the days of homemade clothes and semi-isolation. Yet it is an observation concerning the destructive effects of the American culture on children from someone who is no longer blinded by living in it.

We do believe there are answers for people living in the U.S., but they will not be found without a radical departure from ‘normal American Christian living’. We say ‘Christian’ because there is little difference in results found in the children of the average person with conservative values and the results in children of an average person going to church.

There is a major war going on for the lives and souls of our children and there has been a tremendous increase in the demonic seduction of children’s minds in the last 20 years. Not through Harry Potter or witch doctors and such, but through cultural impacting technology.

The only good thing about this terminally progressive condition is that culture is pushing us to make up our minds just who we are going to follow… contemporary cultural values and political correctness or.... God. This is what we were trying to convey in our recent post ... The Great Divorce .

People living in America (and eventually everywhere else) are progressively going to have to make some very unpopular stands with their children and teach them that it's OK to be un-cool, different, unpopular, and out of step with societal values and peer pressure. This can only be effective if the parents are walking what they talk. And this should be done in their children’s lives as early as possible. We believe to do that successfully will require creating another ‘mini’ culture within a local gathering of believers. This is best done with people of like minds and hearts.  It takes culture to fight culture.

Ultimately we know that the only lasting change will happen when Christ gains control of a person’s heart. But sometimes culture can damage (set it on such a disastrous course) a young heart that it grows so hard it becomes preprogrammed against hearing anything about God whatsoever.

We should have very little, if anything, in common with the ungodly and immoral culture that surrounds us. Not avoiding people… just their values. Yes, we have to make a living and yes our children need an education and yes, they and we need some kind of good recreation. But if the only differences our children see in our goals, core values and in the desires we pursue is found in what we say and not what we do, then we can expect the same results others are having with their children. In fact, the results will probably be a lot worse. Do as I say and not as I do always produces rebellion.

There are some who would call us dreamers to think we can fight culture and win. And if we are merely the kind of ‘dreamers’ who are not ready to pay the cost of a radical departure from status quo...then we are not just dreamers… we are fools. We must be willing to examine every option even if it means sailing off into the unknown like those who left England for America to avoid the same destructive and oppressive culture/governments that they lived in.  Selah.

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  1. Thank you! This is very encouraging to keep up the fight and give our all. Ayala

  2. Amen....I loved that thought of "even if it means saiing off into the unknown like those who left England for America." Father, lead us; we will follow!

  3. Amen. So true. We had some of the best times as a people when we were not bombarded with technology and relyed on God and each other for time spent