Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Prayer

Our prayer…..
Dear God in Heaven, Father of the Lord Jesus and the lover of our souls;
We are your children and servants; David and Cynthia. We love you so very, very much. You have become our everything and we desire nothing but your good pleasure. Thus we desired to bring the message of Your love and light here to the people of Nakuru. We know well that You have sent us here. 

And yet… we have been beset with such powerful and hateful resistance to Your work. We have battled devils for over four months and things were becoming so dark. We felt… frail… weak… and needy. Sometimes… sometimes… even afraid of what might happen to us and our ministry.

We did not know who we could trust, and could no longer even depend on what our own ears heard or what our eyes saw. It seemed as though so many people sought our demise. Oh Father, even some of those in whom we had poured our life out for desired our removal; … some …. But not all.

Sometimes we felt so alone…. Sometimes we fearfully wondered… why were we here? Yet, despite the doubt, we knew that you sent us here… of that… there could be no doubt. In our weaknesses we cried out to You… we cannot survive a day without your protection, nor an hour without your support or your comfort. Should you leave us alone even for a minute we would perish. Our strength was gone.

They who wished us harm, sought to use secular government to destroy us. Threats of doom…. loomed everywhere. Yet, we were not afraid. We knew You saw all of this. We knew this is just what they did to You; Your holy apostles and all those who followed you over the past two thousand years. Why then, Oh God, have we not understood that this is what waits all who follow in Your holy footsteps?

Why, even when we do understand … did we wonder…did You really know what we were going through?

Yet, You helped us, Oh Father, to trust You and not grow bitter. Helped us to love our enemies and bless those who had so despitefully used us. Though we understood Your words to rejoice; when this happened we were not prepared to leap and dance for such treatment…. And yet … we did praise You. You strengthened us, oh Lover of our souls, and then You became our strong wall against those who hated us and thus hated You as well.

Lord Jesus, precious Yahshua, You helped us to stay truly connected with all those at home who sought to know what was happening to us here. Those who in spirit stood beside us…. may we be always be together with them, even as You and your Father are together, that we together, might see Your glory. Help us, Oh great Father, to live in that glory forever together. Please bless them for their encouragement; for we could not have done this without them.

Help us to always to remember and know that all we hope to accomplish is for the benefit of Your children… and the glory of Your testimony. Rebuke the accuser of the brethren who constantly tells us this is not so… as he berates us and condemns us, …our work, and our love.

Look upon us, your servants, oh God… for we are no longer young, nor filled with youthful zeal. We are frail, old and tired ….yet still we are filled with admiration of your constant love and care. We who put no confidence in our own strength, knowledge or experience…. but rest in Your love. Grant us your grace to continue our work in Nakuru in Your Spirit and in Your Love.

You rose up and defeated our enemies… Just like You said You would do ….For You… and You alone are our salvation.

With much, much love David and Cynthia

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