Sunday, October 16, 2011


I began the first time, when, as a young man I first looked at the sea and realized it’s endless horizon was revealing something greater than just it's size.

When I noticed the trees were laboring to reveal something was moving them that I could not see, but like them …I could feel.

When starry nights spoke of time without end and made it clear there will be much in this life we do not and…. will not … ever understand.

I began again, when I was healed from the terrible shattering of my dearest dreams. Healed of the desolation of hope when the reality of death appeared in my child and unseen forces took my family away.

I began again, when all the fantasies I had so tediously gathered to accomplish worth, failed me and the utter uselessness of my life progressively stretched on. When all my fellow humans, not of their own accord, had left me utterly... alone.

I began again, when my wandering attention returned to the One; and the revelation of His fellowship and importance was once again reaffirmed in my life. When the sins I had so clearly seen and condemned in others revealed themselves …in me.

I began again, when I found Him being revealed in a people. When love became something other than feelings or words and became a practiced reality. When individuality became lost in corporate oneness and I was given another Body in which to live in. 

I began again, this year, after seeing so much reality in other cultures and so little in my own. When all I felt important shrink in the light of whats really necessary. When seeing happiness thrive in impoverished places where I was told it could not.

I began again, yesterday, when my dearest friend was diagnosed with the threat of death; yet in his voice and writings I could sense …. belief and power. When, once again, through his suffering, I was challenged to believe that this present life is just training for the next.

Each time I have begun again, I have felt reborn. Each time came with the realization that a reincarnation had been going on in me.

Yet; all this takes place within a single lifetime, not many.

That we are born to die and be reborn into a more ‘enlightened state’ over and over again throughout our entire existence. Being recreated from glory to glory; being remade from strength to strength.

That though everything is beautiful in its time, He has put eternity in our hearts; therefore nothing temporal can completely satisfy.  

The affairs of this life are but for preparing us to enjoy …the affairs of the next… when we all… shall begin again.


  1. The pictures go great with this post. It's like a poem, though some of it is sad. This life is indeed just preparation for the next. To live is Christ; to die is gain; and both halves of that sentence are richly meaningful.

  2. That was beautiful! Love the reincarnation thought! Thank you, Abba.