Friday, June 24, 2011

Heart and Sky

The first and second photographs are actual pictures of an atmospheric phenomenon called a Fire Rainbow. They were taken from a jet 36,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean back in 2009. I have been told that it is among the rarest of atmospheric events. When at home I later examined my pictures, I noticed the semblance of a dove in one of the pictures. The more I looked the more evident it became. The darker picture at the bottom is the same picture with one of my pigeon’s face superimposed over it. It doesn’t seem to change the original picture in the least. The original pictures were taken coming home from one of our trips to Kenya to minister to God’s people there. I now believe it was a small sign of His favor. May we never miss the divine artwork in the sky manifested to comfort and console those of us who labor on this earth. Upon seeing such visions of love let us follow our hearts to meet Him in the sky. For there he will teach us to love and change this tired earth. The words of the poem came last night while staying with our Kenyan family.                     

                  Heart and Sky
What wondrous things in heart and sky;
Are hidden far from careless eye.
Yet those who search with love and wonder;
Pierce the vale and rip asunder,
That which hides His Art.

For He who made both sky and sea;
Took our shame and made us free.
To hide away in deepest sea;
Things that kept you far from me,
And chilled our very heart.

Do we enjoy that lonely view;
That fear and pride gave me and you?
Should we not for deliverance cry;
To halt what stopped both you and I,
From seeing each one’s part.

Can we who have this wondrous birth;
Stop seeking answers from tired earth?
Should we all not now believe;
Forsake this flesh, caught up to leave,
From all that blinds our heart?

Ascend! Ascend! … the angels cry;
Be gathered here amidst the sky!
For it is Christ who like the dove,
Brings to you His saving love,
And illumines every heart.

Then shall we not see in every land;
The Artist work from His dear hand?
To marvel and dismiss each care;
By seeing Artwork everywhere,
Shall give this earth New Start.


  1. That's beautiful, Abba. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  2. I love the art work of the Lord. Thank you for reminding me to look up. The picture of you walking with your bck turned to the camera is one of the most beautiful pictures I've seen captured of you . I sure would love a copy. Can you tell me how to get it? I love you anavah