Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you All

                                               God’s Shield
To all the much loved Watchmen, who spend their time in prayer; 
Who by their faithful time and love, keep us in God's care.
Your time is never wasted; your tears have reached the Throne;
He sees your heart and heard your cry, so we are not alone.
Don't ever be disheartened and to this work please yield;
For we who fight could not prevail, if not covered by God's Shield.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful people who faithfully covered us in prayer during our trip to our church family in Nakuru, Kenya. I know I speak for all of us… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Our great Father has heard all of your prayers and answered them with His amazing grace.We have passed through some very difficult and dangerous times only to see, once again, all things working in harmony for our good and the advancement of His Kingdom.

We acknowledge His hand in the selection of our TNT (Tennessee Nakuru Team) team members. Amy (Sister Rose) and Noah (Bob Meeller ) were wonderful in their work with the Kingdom Hikers and at being servants here in our Kenyan home. They cooked, cleaned, shopped, took pictures, shared their testimonies, kept Michelle Haviylah (Sticky Fingers) occupied, dodged roaches in the night and did so without any complaints. Blessings to their God, parents and Village that helped them do so.

Joy was just that. A complete Joy. She brought light and compassion everywhere we went. Her tears washed many a tender heart. She took good care of Amma and I and even filled in for Mala’s most revered ministry, the blessing of the feet of those who share the good news.

Amma is becoming an international Mother. Her motherhood spans two continents now with hundreds calling her Amma (mother) from their hearts. One of the highlights of this trip was a women’s meeting in which Amma and Joy spoke of nurturing all of God’s daughters not just your own. All the women attending were visibly moved when they left. The impact will be felt for years and years to come.

I personally have learned so much from both the situations we found ourselves in and watching the lives of our brothers and sisters here in Lakeview Village Church. Together we lived through full scaled riots, deaths, hostile funerals, threats, spiritual attacks, intense spiritual battles and internal strife among brethren.
Yet today we can fully say we have become more than conquerors through faith in Christ. He is being lifted up and drawing people to Himself through the church in LakeView.

Our Father has moved mightily among the youth here through the Kingdom Hiker meetings, while a revival is raging back home among the youth in the Village. I believe it is because our young people are overcoming at home that we are prevailing among the young people here in Nakuru. In an email from one of the young ones back home being curently filled with His Life ….
“You're going to be surprised when you meet the new people that have taken the place of the young people here. Better brace yourself when you come home, because this Ingathering is going to knock you off your feet.” Love you so much Donna

During this trip we believe that our Father has begun drawing His shepherding sons together here in Nakuru. Yesterday George and I met with two young pastors from other local churches. Their yearning for the new wine and their openness to the gospel of the Kingdom was undeniable. They have only been to two of our meetings but God took captive their hearts. They both said they would stay close to George and stay in contact with me until we returned. Both expressed the desire to be completely renewed from the dead forms of Christianity they have been walking in. Both agreed that they had seen in us the Life they were seeking. They and George say there are many such young pastors who desire new Life and that they will bring them together the next time we come. Pray for their hearts to keep asking, keep seeking and to keep knocking until the Lord of Life reveals his plan for their lives and the lives of the people they care for. It's been a battle but we're winning; even our sign reveals its been in a war zone.

Lastly I want to bless the men who labor so diligently in leadership of the Village and the men who stand together in Memphis. I know you have been in just as much warfare as we have here and I also know that your prevailing has been for us as well as your respective people. Because you continue to fight the good fight God’s people live and do not die. Your commitment to the work of Christ has not gone unnoticed and your reward in heaven is great. We are free to fight bravely here because we know we are linked to such men as yourselves. May the Lord you serve give you His rest and bless you at His festival.

Oh; the mystery and blessings of spiritual connection! Here we are halfway around the world and we can still feel the blessings of the coming Ingathering. We can feel the anticipation growing at the thought of being brought deeper into His love. We can feel the excitement of young minds discovering the wonder of their God. We can almost taste the bread and wine of Life. Praise our Father.

We cannot wait to be home.     Much love....Me and the rest of the TNT team.

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